Coaching 2 Inspire Group, LLC. is an executive coaching and leadership development firm serving with business leaders, managers, Human Resource professionals, and small business owners.


Our purpose is for your business and team to see meaningful increases in performance, productivity, profitability, and individual potential to transform teams & organizations.


 Focused 1:1 executive and middle-manager coaching using:

  • A variety of 360 Feedback tools to align on the desired behavior and support behavior modification and sustainability

  • Practical assessments that objectively identify leadership strengths and challenges, as well as motivators and stressors

  • Customized behavior-based development plans with ongoing follow-up

  • A holistic approach to Emotional Intelligence - Knowing yourself as a leader & how you motivate and get the best out of others


Learn practical approaches in leadership effectiveness, communication strategies, and coaching for success to grow your people and business:

  • Leading with Emotional Intelligence

  • Emerging Leaders & Leadership Development Programs/Leading with Emotional Intelligence

  • Leadership coaching on how to create high performing teams 

  • Coaching support on how to have difficult conversations when the stakes are high while providing clear and effective feedback


We work with you to design and implement sustainable people solutions to grow your business... 

  • Sales Development Programs

  • Delegating for Success  
  • Presentation Skills

  • Navigating Change

  • Team Styles for Better Communication


We assist organizations in developing and implementing critical People practices & processes such as:

  • Strategic Business & Workforce Planning 

  • Talent Management Strategies (Talent Acquisition and Talent Calibration) 

  • Performance Management

  • Compliance & Technology Implementation

  • On-Boarding/Orientation